Welcome to where I ramble about myself...

Photographer and horses in a field

Hello there, I'm Alex! 
As you can tell I am an animal fanatic! I currently own five rats, a dog, and I-- on paper free lease a horse. But that's really more of a "do work for lessons on this particular horse" type of deal. 


On paper, I am a professional portrait photographer for a company known as LifeTouch. They are a school portrait photography company. Outside of that, I work at PetSmart as a PetsHotel associate. This is how I'm so good with dogs and other animals. Both of those experiences combined really gave me the push and experience, and the confidence to work with people and trust my own abilities. 

A rat smiling at th camera
A wire haired dog rolling in grass

I graduated, with honors, from Centenary University May of 2017 with a Bachelors of Science with a degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Communications for the Equine Industry. I plan on finishing up the last few classes I need to get my Bachelors of Arts in Communications.  

As for pets, I own a few rats as well as a terrier mix named Lily! She's extremely smart-- however, she has the personality of a cuddle bug but the expressions of a rock. So shes very hard to get a decent photo of haha.